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Doctor Howard Shapiro

Dr. Howard Shapiro’s Top Seven Weight Loss Tips

1. Start by slowly substituting healthy food (fruit, vegetables, legumes, fish) and low-calorie, protein-rich snacks for high-calorie food.

2. Pay attention to triggers that cause emotional eating and be ‘mindful’ of what you’re eating and why.

3. Don’t deny yourself. Have your favorite foods occasionally and you won’t feel like you’re on a diet.

4. Don’t be compulsive and weigh and measure your food. Instead, eat lower calorie foods that you enjoy.

5. Exercise more whether it’s walking, biking, going to a gym or participating in a favorite sport.

6. Eat at midnight if you want; there is no wrong time to eat.

7. If you visualize food comparisons you can eat as much or more than you’re presently eating and lose weight.