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Doctor Howard Shapiro

Corporate Programs

Dr. Shapiro is available for educational programs and speaking engagements, as well as to conduct individual and group weight loss programs.

He has extensive experience educating and working with groups of people from corporations, schools and organizations who want to lose weight safely and learn about healthy eating. He has been nationally recognized for his work with the New York City Fire Department and New York City Police Department, and holds the distinction of helping New York's bravest and finest loose a total of 2,544 pounds on his program. For this effort on the day before 9/11, Dr. Howard Shapiro was appointed Honorary Medical Officer of the NY Fire Department. He also holds the distinction of being a member of the Honor Legion of the NY Police Department.

"Your approach is revolutionary and allows one to be free of the rigidity of a diet. The employees have raved about the program and continue to follow your method and very much appreciate the stimulation that your program continues to provide."
-Yossi Benbassat, EL AL Airlines-North America

Dr. Howard Shapiro received this letter from EL AL Airlines after giving a presentation to their staff.