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Doctor Howard Shapiro

About Dr. Howard M. Shapiro

Dr. Howard M. Shapiro is founder and director of Howard M. Shapiro Medical Associates, a private multidisciplinary medical office in New York City specializing in weight control and life long wellness.

Best-selling author of the Picture Perfect Weight Loss series, Dr. Shapiro broke the mold for weight loss with his Visual Food Comparisons and FAT (Food Awareness Training) program. Dr. Shapiro gained international acclaim for his breakthrough, comprehensive weight control method that looks at the ‘whole person.’ His practice includes psychological services to treat various stress-related disorders, nutrition management, dietary counseling, exercise and general medicine.
Dr. Shapiro holds the distinction of helping New York’s Bravest and Finest lose a total of 2,544 pounds. One Hundred twenty-nine policemen and firemen lost between 19 to 43 pounds during a ten-week period using Dr. Shapiro’s program. For this effort, the day before 9/11, he was appointed Honorary Medical Officer of the New York Fire Department. As a member of the Honor Legion of the Police Department he also received the Presidential Award.

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