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Doctor Howard Shapiro

Healthy weight control is critical to overall good health.

You can eat as much or more food than you are currently eating and still lose weight. Our goal is to help patients achieve healthy permanent weight loss. Dr. Howard Shapiro stresses a personal, customized approach.

We’ve developed a comprehensive method to work with people to help them meet their goals which includes a highly effective visual system and Food Awareness Training Program (FAT).
After Food Awareness Training, one look is all is takes to help you make your choices. Weight loss becomes automatic.
Bagels or English Muffins with Fruit

Losing weight is easy if your food choices are satisfying.

With my program:
1. You can eat as much or more food than you are presently eating and lose weight.
2. There is no wrong time of the day to eat.
3. No food is forbidden.

We provide patients with an individualized plan and help them change their relationship with food in order to be successful maintaining their weight loss.

As with any cutting edge individualized program, Dr. Shapiro has the experience, knowledge and expertise to use medications which may be helpful from time to time during the weight loss journey.

Protein powders, protein bars, and soy snacks are all tools which may be used in our individualized programs for weight loss. His Picture Perfect Weight Loss books, DVD (“Picture This with Dr. Shapiro"), and proprietary weight loss formula (Slenda RX) are also available on the website.

Our weekly visual food demonstrations are the key to success. We teach in a simple and often entertaining way that there are more things to think about than the four basic food groups. Healthy eating can be enjoyable.