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Doctor Howard Shapiro


A doctor on the front lines shares the inside story on how to slow aging while enjoying health. Efficient, creative and on target Picture Perfect Prescription leads us to our personalized path of wellness.
-Dr. Oz, The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Shapiro has been my primary care physician for 30 years and my only regret is that I did not know of him sooner. Not only has he helped me lose weight but through his incredible diagnostic skills, has probably saved my life and saved me from months of intrusive tests. He and his office are always there for me.
-Elvira Baston

I would not be the healthy, attractive and happier person that I am today, had it not been for the on-going medical and psychological care, help, input and maintenance given to me by Dr. Shapiro and his talented staff and peers. They are the best!
-Karen M. Rosen

Splendid! An innovative, comprehensive, safe approach to weight loss and nutrition. The clearest, most realistic and most effective weight-loss program ever!
-Maria Day Simonson, Sc.D, Ph.D., director, the Johns Hopkins Health, Weight, and Stress Clinic

Medically and scientifically, Dr. Shapiro's technique is invaluable. It directly addresses America's most threatening health problem in an extraordinary way.
-Rebecca Nachamie, M.D. Associate Medical Professor, OBGYN, Mt. Sinai Hospital

Dr. Shapiro's approach, the product of years of success, relies on the visual impact of food. I recommend it! Food Awareness Training should be part of any nutritional prescription.
-Jeffrey I. Mechanick, M.D., director, metabolic support, The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

Picture Perfect Weight Loss is a visual and effective book that is for everybody! It gets a very important message across in a wonderfully simple way!
-Denise Austin, celebrity fitness expert

The effortless way to shed the pounds we don't want and keep them off.
-Mel Zuckerman, founder and CEO, Canyon Ranch Health Resorts

Dr. Shapiro brings an important new approach to weight control.
-George L. Blackburn, M.D., PhD, Harvard Medical School