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Doctor Howard Shapiro

Your Body is an Integrated System

Back pain, overweight, stress, other medical conditions: they’re all related. You can’t cure them separately. Instead, you need to treat the whole you, and that means bringing to bear multiple health practices and multiple wellness resources. That is precisely how Dr. Howard Shapiro, with his specially trained staff, practices life long health and wellness.

An Integrated Cutting Edge Medical Practice

An osteopath who practices general medicine and understands the close interrelationships among all your body’s systems and the environment in which you live and work, Dr. Shapiro addresses all his patients' medical needs but is perhaps best known as the weight loss specialist who has helped some very well known celebrities lose weight with nutritional counseling and personalized diets—celebrities like New York’s Cardinal Dolan, Barbara Walters, Mariah Carey and numerous members of the New York City police and fire departments.

Dr. Shapiro is the author of the legendary series of Picture Perfect Weight Loss books, published in thirteen countries, which have shown millions of readers a new way to make choices about eating. In the headquarters of his medical practice just off Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, Dr.Shapiro’s patients have access to an on-staff nutritionist, fitness trainer, and psychologist.

Complementing these in-house practitioners are the many external health and wellness resources Dr. Shapiro routinely calls on—specialists from New York’s most important hospital centers and innovators of new products and technologies.