Happy (and Healthy) Memorial Day!

  • If appetizers are served prior to the main meal, use a small plate to help guide appropriate portion sizes. Place appetizers on a plate and sit down to enjoy them, instead of mindlessly grazing all afternoon. This practice will save you a lot of unwanted calories!
  • Avoid arriving at a BBQ or party in a state of starvation. In this case, you will most likely go overboard on appetizers, consuming an excess of calories and ruining your appetite for the main meal.
  • Chicken, veggie burgers or fish are better choices than red meat. If you choose red meat, load half your plate up with vegetables and keep the portion of meat small.
  • Be mindful of sweetened beverages (juice, soda, iced tea, lemonade). Stick to water, seltzer or diet beverages to avoid consuming unnecessary calories and sugar. Remember, every sip counts!
  • On that note, alcohol absorbs faster on an empty stomach. So err on the side of caution and have a protein-rich snack, such as a protein bar, soy chips, nuts, hummus or a piece of low-fat cheese with an apple, before leaving the house.

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