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Beware the 100 Calorie Snack Pack

New Year’s Tip: Fruit VS 100 Calorie Snack Packs

By now you have probably seen 100-calorie bags of cookies, mini-muffins, crackers, candy bites, etc. and wondered whether these are “allowable” treats. At first glance, these packs seem like an answer to every dieters prayers: the yumminess of goodies for only 100 calories and no need to worry about portion control—it’s done for you! If you had a regular box of cookies at home, it would be easy to eat half the box, and that would cost you at least 1,000 calories. Isn’t that a 900 calories savings? Yes, but while you’re probably  not eating cookies on a regular basis now, the 100 calorie packs could easily become part of your eating routine. Over time, this additional 100 calories translates into almost one  pound a month or 12 pounds a year.

Choose a piece of fresh fruit full of healthy vitamins and antioxidants every other day instead, and quickly cut those daily snack calories in half!

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